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The Art of Frank Entsminger

“Cliff Hanger” 

Frank has donated “Cliff Hanger” in a stone patina to National Wild Sheep Foundation Convention January 11-16, 2021. WSF is holding the convention virtual and all auctions are on line. Bidding already online. Link:

Sheep Bronze

Cliff Hanger by Frank Entsminger stone patina



Frank had donated Cliff Hanger to the Wild Sheep Foundation Convention in Reno February 7-9, 2019  this piece was like the patina below on the Saturday night auction which went for value. The piece is approximately 17”T x 14”W x 11”D and weighs around 32 lbs.

video “Cliff Hanger”

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Cliff Hanger

Limited Edition of 36
Issue Date: 2018
26 Available

“Cliff Hanger” is Alaskan Artist Frank Entsminger’s fifth Dall’s/Stone’s sheep sculpture and the first to depict a magnificent northern sheep ram laying down. Frank’s previous four Dall’s/Stone’s sheep bronze pieces where editions of 26 which have all sold out therefore bringing the idea for a new sheep bronze. Frank’s love of the mountains, mountains hunting, & Dall’s sheep is another of his inspirations for this new piece. Frank used numerous photos of some of the largest rams taken to inspire the horn style.

From the artist, “Wild sheep has been a life-long passion of mine. This latest sculpture called “Cliff Hanger” is the product of intertwining 59 years of my life with theirs. This is the fifth sculpture that I have completed of these thin horn northern wild sheep. “Cliff Hanger” is a dream ram in the minds of sheep lovers. The biggest of the big. Hope you enjoy!” This investment quality bronze is mounted on a beautiful dark walnut base with lazy Susan mounted in the bottom so it can swivel to be viewed from all angles of your trophy room, office, or den. Frank offers a patina of your choice on this thin horn ram bronze.  Pictured above or bronze gold tones and a stone sheep. The piece could also be colored patina of a dall sheep.  The piece is approximately 17”T x 14”W x 11”D and weighs around 32 lbs.

Frank has donated to Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) for many years.  Frank received WSF “Guide of the Year” in 2008. Frank’s wife, Sue Entsminger received the “Artemis Award” 2016. This family has supported Wild Sheep Foundation because of their conservation efforts for wild sheep, a passion we all share.