Price: $2500



Land ‘N’ Snap



Airborne & Land ‘N’ Snap


26M Edition

Issue Date 2006

“Land ‘N’ Snap” & “Airborne” [sold as a set] are wolves designed to go with “Spooked” & “Full Tilt.” The set for “Spooked” is an edition size of 26 M. The set for “Full Tilt” is an edition size of 36 & sold with that piece. “Land ‘N’ Snap” was titled from a method of taking wolves for predator control by landing an airplane and shooting the wolf.  Harvesting wolves is a necessary wildlife management tool that is necessary to keep a balance for all species.

Issue date: 2006. Size: 8″ long, 9″ high, 5″ wide. Wolf set [sold only as a set] 36 Edition w/Full Tilt

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