Charlie Livingston, North Pole, Alaska

Frank and Wild Sue are #1 on my list of Quality Folk.  I’ve known the Entsminger’s for quite a while, both Frank as a Taxidermist and as a
Wildlife Sculptor in Bronze. The anatomic exactness of his Bronzes is like no other, down to the hair, horn and hoof.  I’ve watched Frank’s Sculpture techniques grow so quickly, after his first or second sculpture he was then and now World Class, bar none.  I’ve managed to grow my collection to within but a few. He is way under-priced for the market his works are sold in.  In my opinion, his bronzes should sell for at least 100% more.  Last, the Entsmingers are some of the last of the ole time Alaskan’s, and my friends always.  I’m lucky they accept me in their world.  Frank’s bronzes can also be viewed anytime in my small Art Gallery at 2944B Richardson Hwy, North Pole, Alaska.  Keeping in mind Lady Entsminger, is the engine behind the artist &


Charlie Livingston
Art Collector/Wildlife/Cowboy Artist
North Pole, Alaska 99705

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About the Author
Wife of wildlife bronze sculptor, Frank Entsminger, partners with Frank in business, Wilderness Creations, and son, Matt Snyder, Alaska Hunting Adventures. Office work & promotional work for Frank and Alaska Master Guide specializing in Grizzly & black bear hunts.