Price: $2500.00

gold patina






Colored Patina

26 M Edition

“Airborne” & “Land ‘n Snap” [sold as a set only] wolves designed to go with Frank’s SOLD OUT piece, “Spooked”. There are some available that collectors did not purchase to add to the moose.

The set for “Spooked” is an edition size of 26 M. The set for “Full Tilt” is an edition size 36. Most people buy the full set, 2 wolves and the caribou. “Airborne” was titled from a method of taking wolves for predator control by shooting from an airplane to take a wolf. “Land & Snap” was titled for another method of taking wolves for predator control by landing the airplane & shooting the wolf from the ground.  These two methods are effective means of harvesting even though some extremest would argue against the method. Harvesting wolves is a must to keep a balance in wildlife populations. This piece is dedicated to sound wildlife management and the truth about predators without sensational emotionalism and untruths.  Wildlife managers would not deplete the species despite unfounded accusations from extremists.

Issue date: 2006. Size: 10″ long, 12″ high, 7″ wide. Wolf set [sold only as a set]

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