Frank and Wild Sue are #1 on my list of Quality Folk.  I’ve known the Entsminger’s for quite a while, both Frank as a Taxidermist and as a
Wildlife Sculptor in Bronze. The anatomic exactness of his Bronzes is like no other, down to the hair, horn and hoof.  I’ve watched Frank’s Sculpture techniques grow so quickly, after his first or second sculpture he was then and now World Class, bar none.  I’ve managed to grow my collection to within but a few. He is way under-priced for the market his works are sold in.  In my opinion, his bronzes should sell for at least 100% more.  Last, the Entsmingers are some of the last of the ole time Alaskan’s, and my friends always.  I’m lucky they accept me in their world.  Frank’s bronzes can also be viewed anytime in my small Art Gallery at 2944B Richardson Hwy, North Pole, Alaska.  Keeping in mind Lady Entsminger, is the engine behind the artist &


Charlie Livingston
Art Collector/Wildlife/Cowboy Artist
North Pole, Alaska 99705

Email :

Charlie Livingston, North Pole, Alaska
Wow! Thank you very much for the sculptures and the very kind note that accompanied them. I look forward to displaying various titled sculptures in the Governor’s residence and sharing them with Alaskans.

I also appreciate your thought on sound wildlife management. My administration is committed to actively managing wildlife for both abundant numbers and abundant harvest opportunities for all Alaskans. We will continue to work hard to achieve this goal.

Again, thank you for your very lovely gift and your commitment to the spirit of Alaska and our wildlife.

Sarah Palin, Govenor of Alaska
We are overwhelmed with your generosity. The sculptures are so beautiful, we will display these with such pride in you and your talent, and with pride in Alaska’s gorgeous wildlife. You are gifted. God bless you. Thanks so much
Sarah Palin, Govenor of Alaska
Wild Kingdom came to Tok area for footage. While here, Jim Fowler came to the home of Frank Entsminger while working with the Tok Fish & Game Department on a project. As he watched Frank working on a sculpture & viewed Frank’s finished bronzed wildlife pieces, Jim admired  Frank’s talent. Jim amazed said, “Your work is some of the best I’ve seen!”
Jim Fowler, Wild Kingdom 1980’s
“Frank Entsminger “breathes life into metal”. His mountain goat bronze that I have, reminds me of all the days I spent up in the clouds with these animals.”

Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III, Photographer, Naturalist, Author, Lecturer
Frank Entsminger brings a keen eye for detail and animal form and movement to wildlife of Alaska in bronze. Frank has spent thousands of hours in the field observing Alaska wildlife, and is widely recognized in Alaska for his skills in this area. His artwork is marked by strong life-like lines and frozen-in-art realism. His bronze artwork is easily in the top tier of Alaska wildlife art.
David Johnson, Ministry Student
Frank and Sue Entsminger are some of the hardest working, honest, and best people I know. Conservation minded, both Frank and Sue have donated untold hours to public service. Besides being some of the most talented artists in North America, both are top notch highly experienced hunters.  Owner Tuff Kids Outdoors & Talarik, BOW Instructor, Hunter Education Instructor
Becky Schwanke, Owner Tuff Kids Outdoors, BOW Instructor, Hunter Education Instructor
I have known frank and Sue Entsminger for over 40 years. I don’t any one that has taken as many Dall Rams over 40″, as Frank. Both Frank and Sue are both excellent hunters of all Alaskan game animals. Their life with nature allows them to be aware of what the current populations of animals are and where they will be found. I also know very few guides that actually accompany clients in the field, that have the hunting experience that Frank and Sue possess. For the highest quality fair chase hunts I give my highest recommendation to Frank and Sue Entsminger.
Jack Reakoff, Tour coordinator at Northern Alaska Tour Co.
Frank Sue and Mat run a 1st class guiding operation, I would highly recommend them to anyone!
They are some of the most skilled and professional guides in the state!
Paul Claus, Owner, Ultima Thule Lodge
Frank and Sue are warm and friendly people. They are also extremely artistic and creative. Frank’s wildlife sculptures are among the best I have ever seen! They are highly skilled outdoors men, hunters and guides and know how to show you a true Alaskan adventure! Last, I consider them to be some of my very best friends : )
Greg Risdahl