Price: $5400.00

Standing up for Wild Sheep bronze.  (tight curl horns in a fannin’ sheep patina)


2020, Frank has donated one of these bronzes to National Wild Sheep Foundation. This one depicts the heavy tight curl ram with a fannin’ patina.  The piece went for $7000 at the show. 

AK WSF Standing up for Sheep (wide flaring set of horns-Bob Hodson’s muzzle loader ram)

Dall sheep patina for Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation commemorative piece show casing those who have receive the Don A Sheldon award

  AK WSF Standing up for Wild Sheep

This bronze created by Frank Entsminger was commissioned by the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation  (AK WSF) for use as the Charles A Sheldon Award for lifetime achievement in wild sheep conservation in Alaska. The original bronze is a full body Dall’s sheep modeled after a record book ram taken by the late Bob Hodson with his muzzle loader. There are 2 recipients since its inception 2018, Bob Hodson & Urban Rahoi who each received a bronze ram bust sculpted by Frank.

Charles A. Sheldon was a self-made businessman, philanthropist, and hunter-conservationist famous for his explorations in the northwest wildness. He was a member of the Boone and Crockett Club with many influential friends in Washington DC. He was able to move a bill through congress to create Denali National Park largely focused on the conservation of Dall’s sheep. Sheldon personally delivered that bill for signing to President Woodrow Wilson on February 16, 1917.

Under agreement with AK WSF, Frank is authorized to sell or donate this piece which is in a series number of the bronzes. There is a choice of two different set of horns to this piece. Along with the wild flaring set of horns, Frank also sculpted  horns of a large ram with a heavy tight curl similar to a ram Frank took in 1988. Frank offers this bronze piece with either set of horns, wide flaring or heavy tight curl and different patinas of your choice. For each sculpture purchased at retail directly from the artist, Frank will donate $1000 to Alaska Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation, AK WSF.  2020, Frank donated the tight curled ram to National Wild Sheep Foundation with a fannin’ patina. The bronze comes on a 4 ½ inches high 2-tiered walnut base with a swivel. The base is 11-inch round, the bronze is 20 inches tall by 10 inches long and 7 inches wide. Total height with the panel is 25 inches.


Issue Date 2019

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