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Moose sculpture by Frank Entsminger


“Alaska/Yukon King”
My latest sculpture depicts an adult Alaska/Yukon bull moose checking out a river bottom for cows just prior to the fall runt. In prime condition by mid-September after fattening up all summer. The prime massive bull is now ready for the battles that are certain to ensue during the rut. Younger and weaker bulls best step aside. From a 36 edition, the piece is mounted on a beautiful walnut base of walnut I hand picked. The base is on a swivel.
I have been blessed to live in Alaska over 60 years now hiking hunting & viewing wildlife. As a youngster, I started my career as a taxidermist. I would sculpt little miniatures of ideas for my taxidermy. One day a visitor stopped by seeing my taxidermy ideas, he encouraged me to have my miniature sculpture ideas cast into bronze. I have enjoyed sculpting ever since. I feel truly blessed by our Creator. With my wife, Sue, we have lived in the eastern Alaska Range the past 46 years in a remote location living with wildlife in our back yard.
This piece is 24” long by 20” tall by 12” high weighing approximately 40 pounds.
Limited Edition of 36
Issue Date: 2022
Contact Frank on price. bronzeart@aptalaska.net  (907) 883-2833
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