Price: SOLD OUT 1992

Dinigiidiniigichoog300x209Limited Edition of 26
Issue Date: 1983
Issue Price: $1200
SOLD OUT: 1992
Current Value: $3500

Frank’s third piece. In Athabascan, the name means big moose, “Diniigi Choog” is an impressive representative of the largest deer in the world, the Alaskan – Yukon moose. This particular bull in the prime of his life was captured as he stepped from a still lake into a patch of tundra tussocks ill mannered as the fall rut approaches. Cast in 1983.

Frank took this piece to an art show sponsored by the Artique Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska. The Artique had Robert Bateman to critic the artist. Bateman was impressed & gave Frank a very favorable critic. Bateman asked Frank how long he was doing sculpture. At that time, “Diniigi Choog”, was Frank third piece cast and done in bronze. The gallery owner complemented Frank on the favorable critic by Bateman.