InTheWorks~~element31One cold late December day an older friend in our neighborhood,Darrell, invited my older brother, Harold, and I on a late season elk hunt. We were all going to school so the only time we had to hunt was weekends. A day and a half with no luck, Darrell and I were back at the car having some lunch when one of us spotted this huge six point bull lying down sunning himself on the very top of this snowy bluff. Off we went on the stalk. Reaching the bottom of the bluff and before climbing it we decided to split up each going a different direction hoping that one of us would encounter the bull. I scrambled to the top. Looking up that big valley, there was that big bull with a few cows 300 yards away in the blowing, drifting snow and wind. My little 32 winchester special, lever action, open sights was just not accurate for that situation. The bull escaped that weekend; however, the following weekend Harold got that big bull. What a beautiful animal he was! I remember to this day as if it were yesterday. This up coming piece takes me back to those times.