Price: SOLD OUT 2007


Edition of 26
Issue Date: Jul.2002
Issue Price: $1200
SOLD OUT: Feb. 2007

Current Value: $2500

I started this little grizzly many years ago as an idea for a life-sized mount after a summer in the Brooks Range looking at some 30 plus grizzlies. I promised this piece a few years ago to a young lad with a terminal disease who has already outlived his life expectancy by a good number of years. My hope is that this little bronze bear will make his life more enjoyable and add even more happy years to his life. He has received one of the first of the edition. . This is a fairly small piece about 6” x 6” x 9” but is quite detailed including the rock the bear is tipping over and a marmot in it¹s hole. I have entitled the piece “Hide ‘n Squeak” with an edition size of 26.