Available Seat: 100
Price: SOLD OUT 2012

Limited Edition of 36
​Issue Date: 2001
​Issue Price: $1850
SOLD OUT: 2012
Current Value: $2250

Two interesting events occurred which inspired me to do this lynx sculpture. The first which most outdoor enthusiasts are aware of was during the last few years of the 20th century, 1998-1999 the north land, Canada and Alaska again went through another high snow shoe hare cycle.  This in turn fueled a high lynx cycle which peaked in eastern interior Alaska in the year 2000.  As an offshoot of this, I found myself skinning a fair number of cats for the taxidermy and fur trade giving me an excellent opportunity to study their anatomy.  The second was a most interesting trip to Eastern Russia in the Khabarovsk area. I had the good fortune to observe and photograph at extremely close range their Eurasian lynx, which is Asia’s counterpart of our Canadian lynx.  The two species are very similar to one another, however, the Eurasian cat is generally larger in size and more strikingly marked.

Watching them at such close range made me keenly aware of their awesome beauty.  At any rate, I had cats on my mind for some time.  The snowshoe hare is their preferred diet but when the rabbit cycle crashes the cats are forced to hunt alternative food sources such as grouse and ptarmigan which this sculptures depicts, anything will do to perpetuate their continued survival, hence the name “Leap of Life”

Issue date: 2001. The size of this is 10″ L by 10″ W by 20″ Tall