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Limited Edition of 26
Issue Date: 2015

While I was working on “Courting” a good friend and client of mine was inspired to want a sculpture of a really large mature moose in a fairly substantial size. This piece is the for-runner of a larger more complex & detailed custom piece to come titled “Brute”. This mini version, which I sculpted to capture the position and composition for the larger version, came out so nice that I decided to cast a 26 edition as a more affordable alternative to the larger version. The piece is 8″ tall and 12″ long. The larger version will be approximately 18″ by 22″ long.

More Information, contact artist Frank Entsminger.

This bronze can also be seen at Wind River Trading in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Alaskan Moose Bronze

Brute II by Frank Entsminger earth tone patina

Frank decided to do a different pose of this moose piece.  He calls it Brute II.  Frank’s wife, Sue, likes this piece because moose often when running and fast walk bringing the hind legs up then down punching the ground.

More information, contact artist, Frank Entsminger

Brute II

Limited Edition of 26
Issue Date: 2016