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Earth Tones

Earth Tones

Stone Sheep Coloring

Stone Sheep Coloring

Dall Sheep Coloring

Limited Edition of 26
Issue Date: 2005
SOLD OUT 2/28/16

I have dedicated “Northern Pride” to the Tok Management Area [commonly referred to as the TMA]. Having hunted the area in the late 60’s and early 70’s and seeing, first hand, the magnificent rams that inhabit the area with their beautiful graceful curls, I was easily convinced that this block of the Alaska Range should be set aside as a trophy sheep area.

In 1977, our family moved from Fairbanks, Alaska area to Mile 91 on the Tok Cutoff, which is the extreme eastern boundary of this trophy sheep area. We have made our home & lived here over three decades, raising our son, Matt, hunting and trekking the sheep hills. Through months of mountain hiking with our backpacks, we have come to know almost ever ram band and every square mile of this spectacular area.  We have a great appreciation to these magnificent creations of God’s creation.

Rams of the TMA have some of the most beautiful styled horns of sheep found anywhere, not so much in regards to their Boone and Crocket score, but by their sheer beauty and grace. The sculpture depicts a 14-year-old 42” ram I personally took in the TMA.

“Northern Pride” is a limited edition bronze that can be in traditional earth tones [buffed] or it’s natural color patina of a Dall or Stone. “Northern Pride” measures 15.5” L x 15” H x 9” W in a limited edition of 26.
Issue Date: 2005.

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42__1985_TMA156_467x600Tribute to the Tok Management Area
Frank with a ram he took in 1985 after a life threatening snowstorm that caused him to abort the hunt. After a recuperation a few days, he returned to bag this 14 year old beauty on a sunny day.  That is hunting for you.  You can see the magnificent style of the TMA.