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Eagle in Pursuit

Eagle bronze pursuit


Life-size eagle sculpture

Eagle bronze pursuit



Throughout artist, Frank Entsminger, years as a wildlife sculptor; friends, family, nature enthusiast, and many clients strongly suggested that he should sculpt an eagle. With a looming deadline, Frank’s lovely wife, Sue, stepped in to help.  Sue proved to be a huge part of sculpting this life-size piece making this the first sculpture from both Frank & Sue.  Frank feels he could not have got it done without her. Frank worked up the base, the pose, position of the wings, while Sue worked on the tail & all the feathering detail on the wings.

Together they worked the winter of 2022-23 everyday, putting in long hours.  At long last, the life-size bronze eagle entitled “Pursuit”. came to fruition.   Frank is doing a Special Copy for Wild Sheep Foundation entitled  “Tuudi, Soaring Eagle”. Tuudi is the Athapaskan word for eagle in the Mentasta dialect where they have lived since 1977.

This project was a product of love created with lots of blood, sweat, & tears by Frank & Sue. The bald eagle is a symbol of America, a nation strong, bold, courageous, and free just like the Wild Sheep Foundation organization. This special copy eagle sculpture is donated to the Wild Sheep Foundation convention for the live auction Saturday night January 20, 2024.

The life-size bonze eagle stands 96” tall weighing approximately 300 pounds which includes inner stainless steel structure for added strength mounted on a beautiful hardwood base. Entirely made in America, we did the mold at our shop in the Mentasta Mountains south of Tok with the help of our other foundry man, Jim Stout.
We then transported the mold to our other foundry in Springville, Utah, Art City Bronze for casting. This piece is a limited edition of 36. The auction piece is a special copy.
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Frank & Sue Entsminger

Limited Edition of 36
Issue Date: 2022