Price: SOLD OUT 2004

Ridge Rambler

Limited Edition of 26
Issue Date: 1997
Issue Price: $2350
SOLD OUT: Jan. 2004
Current Value: $5000

This is my 8th large piece. The sculpture depicts a robust ram traversing a spiny ridge top. This is my largest sculpture to date. It measures 18″ long, 15″ high, and 10″ wide. It weighs approximately 25 pounds. Hunting trips in the Wrangells with its rugged terrain and spectacular scenery inspired me to do this splendid Dall sheep briskly stepping from rock to rock. The piece can be colored (a patina) to individual taste. Here are two examples: one depicts a Dall sheep with a polished finish with blonde horns. The other depicts a stone sheep with a rather dark patina and dark horns. The color is your choice, which can be mixed and matched to your personal preference. Also, I¹m offering two choices for the base. A standard two inch thick walnut base or a super base which is two layers totaling 3″ thick of walnut. Both bases have a built in lazy-susan to help display every detail of this art piece.