Price: SOLD OUT 2016
moose antler bronze, moose antler, moose sculpture

Moose Horn Bronze Sculpture

Limited Edition of 150
(SOLD OUT December 2016)
Size: 8″W 6″L 3.5″ D
Current Price: $485.00
Original Price: $185.00

“Snag River Moose Kill”
by Frank Entsminger

During a 1980 big game hunt in the Snag River area of Alaska, my wife and I came across this large an unusual set of moose antlers. The bull quite apparently had met its fate the previous fall or early winter. Wolves, we suspected were probably the most likely cause of his death. However, a grizzly or even a fierce battle during the rut may have done the animal in.Judging from its antlers, the moose appeared to be just passed its prime as it had very large bases and several abnormal points. Squirrels and porcupines had already eaten away a substantial portion of the antler material, but even so, 32 points still remained measuring 67 inches at the greatest spread. In this miniature bronze I have tried to duplicate the appearance of this magnificent creature’s antlers during its last days. Frank and his wife Sue live in the eastern Alaska Range south of Tok, Alaska. They have enjoyed wilderness living since 1976. During that time, thousands of hours have been spent studying Alaska wildlife. Frank Entsminger is a wildlife sculptor/ taxidermist who has roamed Alaska’s wild places and studied her creations since 1962. Entsminger has worked in the bronze media sense 1976 after losing his home to a fire. Entsminger has many sold out editions of Alaska’s big game animals. “Snag River Moose Kill” is the first of a series of Alaska horns and antlers. 1987 cast in limited edition of 150. October 2016, I have only 4 remaining of the edition.