Price: SOLD OUT 2009

grizzly bear, Grizzly bronze, grizzly sculpture, bronze grizzly
Limited Edition of 36
Issue Date: 1999
SOLD OUT: 2/2009
2014 Current Value: $3500

The idea for this piece came from a life threatening experience I encountered in the early 70’s during a late September caribou hunt. I found myself in a predicament. In regard to bears, I hadn’t learned the full meaning of respect until I had a fully mature grizzly standing a stone throw’s distance from me, intensely swaying it’s head from side to side, loudly whoofing, and violently popping it’s teeth ….. all signs of a forth coming charge.   I was in the hot seat. That bear wanted me out of it’s territory! The provoked grizzly, standing fully erect on it’s hind legs, suddenly thrust it’s powerful forearms forward, dropped down to all fours, and, in a heartbeat, charged so close I had only time for one shot from the hip. Fortunately for me, the bullet split the skull (inches from a complete miss) sending the attacking bear tumbling head over heals, spraying blueberry poop high into the air splattering me as I ducked sideways. My entire body shook & trembled involuntarily for sometime after the incident. I have a much deeper respect for these critters since that time.   To this day, that intense encounter remains vivid in my mind. This bronze depicts that moment of confrontation. The grizzly’s decision to rid it’s territory of intruders displays the forearms high and the body leaning forward, about to drop down on all fours for the full charge. This lends the title, “Trouble’s a Bruin.” I decided to incorporate a real set of grizzly claws into the base. I felt this would help convey the strength, power, and the ultimate respect these awesome creatures deserve.