“Altay Argali”

This is one of Frank’s Asian pieces. His love of sheep and Mongolia brought this to life. Frank ha travel to Mongolia many times. Frank spent several trips to Mongolia since 1988 when he had the opportunity to hunt the magnificent ram, largest in the world. He has returned to Mongolia on four occasions to hunt birds. As Frank became more acquainted with the Mongolians, they requested that he do the bit ram of Asia, largest in the world. Frank’s admiration of sheep & the Mongolians inspired Frank for this piece.  Frank titled this piece  “Altay Argali”.

Limited Edition of 36
Issue Date: 2004
7 Available

This is Frank’s 2nd largest piece, which is 24″ L X 20″ H X 10″ W weighing over 45 pounds mounted
on a 2-tiered walnut panel with a Lazy Susan. The piece can be either in traditional bronze tone [earth tone] or in a natural colored patina.
Issue Date: 2004.

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Wife of wildlife bronze sculptor, Frank Entsminger, partners with Frank in business, Wilderness Creations, and son, Matt Snyder, Alaska Hunting Adventures. Office work & promotional work for Frank and Alaska Master Guide specializing in Grizzly & black bear hunts.
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