Frank new sculpture

Frank had this piece cast early 2018.



  AK WSF Standing up for Wild Sheep

This bronze created by Frank Entsminger was commissioned by the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation  (AK WSF) for use as the Charles A Sheldon Award for lifetime achievement in wild sheep conservation in Alaska. The original bronze is a full body Dall’s sheep modeled after a record book ram taken by the late Bob Hodson with his muzzle loader. There are 2 recipients since its inception 2018, Bob Hodson & Urban Rahoi who each received a bronze ram bust sculpted by Frank.

Dall sheep

About the Author
Wife of wildlife bronze sculptor, Frank Entsminger, partners with Frank in business, Wilderness Creations, and son, Matt Snyder, Alaska Hunting Adventures. Office work & promotional work for Frank and Alaska Master Guide specializing in Grizzly & black bear hunts.